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Go CUBS Go! Congratulations to the 2016 world champion Chicago Cubs. After a brutally long, and as far as the fans are concerned, extremely frustrating 108 years, the Cubbies finally pulled off a World Series win. By a stroke of luck, my partner in crime, my everything...my Tiny Ninja of Death, was scheduled for some work in Chicago, that happened to coincide with the World Series. Luckily it went all 7 games, and we were still in Chicago to celebrate this historic event with the awesome Cubs fans!

We first entered Wrigleyville from the northeast corner of the park (basically behind home plate). Crowds of hundreds of people all gathered around whatever area they could fit into, in order to be able to see the tv screens in the bars...but mostly crowded in front of peoples' homes, peering into whatever window space they could in order to catch a glimpse of the game, all cheering together with every strike thrown to an Indians batter, every out made by the Cubs, and of course when they scored, the crowd erupted. As the 9th inning drew to a close, just before extra innings, the massive Cubbies crowd erupted in boos, sighs, and groans at the announcement of a rain delay. We took that as an opportunity to make our way to the southwest corner of Wrigley Field, behind center field, under neath the infamous "Wrigley Field - Home of the Chicago Cubs" sign...but not before stopping to hang out with Winter White Walker, the beautiful, super friendly, and festive pooch, sporting his Cubs paint job! Little did we know that the amount of people were probably quintupled, if not more than what there was on the home plate side of the field.

Of course, being a photographer means trying your best to get the exact angles of whatever shot you want to get. Unfortunately, for me to get a shot of the famous "Wrigley Field" sign without a street sign, stop light, and light pole in my way, we would have to literally push our way through THOUSANDS of people who are packed like sardines, shoulder to shoulder. So...we batten down the hatches, secure our camera gear, and wiggle our way through the sea of people. With one hand clutching my prized birthday present, my Canon 5D Mark IV, and my other hand securely holding the hand of my Tiny Ninja/partner in crime, after a 30 minute struggle to cross the massive partying crowd (if you look at the picture above this paragraph, dead center, between Wrigley Field and the buildings on the right, THAT is where we started to make our way through that HUGE crowd, to where that shot was taken), we finally made it to a spot I was happy with, in order to get my shots.

"Cubs Win" Slideshow

Wrigley Field - Chicago, Illinois - 11/2/16

By this time, the 10th inning had just started. Now, we wait. Somehow, more and more people fit into spaces so tight that you wouldn't believe. I jumped onto a jersey wall to be able to get a great view of the celebrations once the Cubbies win. Bottom of the 10th...1 out, down. 2nd out, down. The tension is so thick in the air, you could cut it with a knife. Then BOOM, a grounder by Michael Martinez of the Indians, to Cub's third baseman Kris Bryant who fired that ball over to first baseman Anthony Rizzo, and with that 3rd out of the 10th inning, the Cubs have their first championship in 108 years!!

The enormous crowd roared! "We won, we won!", exclaimed the ecstatic Cubs fans. It was pandemonium in front of Wrigley. Even a small number of the insanely excited fans climbed on top of a few news vans, who were broadcasting the celebrations live (luckily the awesome and patient Chicago PD got them down without any issues). Champagne corks flew, and you could see all around, spouts of champagne spraying in all directions, high into the air. People singing, screaming, smiling, crying...a whirlwind of emotions took over all of Chicago. What a special moment. Now, I grew up in Maryland, so naturally I'm an Orioles fan, but this was special. This was history. I am so proud of those Cubbies. Extremely excited and happy for them and their fans. So lucky to have been here for this historic time. What a magical moment! Congrats to the World Champion Chicago Cubs!

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