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In the heart of the nation's capital, less than 2 miles away from the house of our president, lies the 9:30 Club. What better place for the Prophets of Rage to call home for a night!? With each band members' songs (Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill) all playing a major role in their scene at the time, from politics, to civil rights, to the legalization of marijuana...those same songs are still just as relevant today. To be hearing these songs of empowerment, injustice, and freedom, in the middle of DC...well, let's just say that the air was electric. Charged with the connection not only brought on by musical tastes, but also, a human connection; that we are all in this together and we must stand strong. Prophets of Rage epitomize this sense. Leading off their set with the Public Enemy song in which the band gets their name, "Prophets of Rage", the sold out 9:30 Club was set to blow up!

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Their third song of the night was "Testify", from Rage Against the Machine's 3rd album "The Battle for Los Angeles". As soon as everyone heard the infamous intro to "Testify", the place erupted. The crowd was privy to a fun little moment during the song "Hail to the Chief", one of Prophets of Rage's original tunes off of their brand new, self titled album, which just dropped on Sept. 15th. Tom Morello and DJ Lord did a sort of "call and answer" type guitar/dj solo battle. Being a guitarist, I'm going to give the edge to Mr. Morello, although DJ Lord did hold his own. He also gets a bonus for actually using and scratching with REAL turntables, like a TRUE DJ. Although the crowd absolutely seemed to love the show, it were the Rage Against the Machine songs that really got the them excited and jumping.

One of the coolest things about these guys is, even having some of the most angry and rebellious music you will ever find, the guys are so humble, friendly, and down to earth. Before the set, as their black Escalades parked behind the 9:30 Club, Chuck D, BReal, and Tom Morello came out to meet and greet fans, take pictures, and sign all sorts of autographs. A nice treat for die hard fans who rarely get the opportunity to see their favorite stars in person. All in all, it was an amazing show. The hard and heavy sound of Brad's drums and Tim's well rounded bass tone cut through the mix perfectly, in a beautiful venue with an amazing PA system.

If you get the opportunity to go see Prophets of Rage perform live, I highly recommend it. Tom Morello's energy is contagious. These guys make for one amazing night of awesome, classic metal and hip hop hits, with a few originals mixed in. If they come to your town, better get your tickets quick, if it's not sold out already!

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